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Shutters Design Options

When you want to bring your imagination to light, our shutters are flexible to suit your tastes and requirements, with a variety of materials, colours, sizes and styles ensuring that there is a shutter for you.

Panel Options

Louvre Sizes

Larger louvres create panels with fewer louvres and wider views.

Choosing Your Panel Layout

Panel layout can depend on window width and configuration. Fewer and wider panels achieve a more contemporary look with an open view, but if panels are to be opened the situation around the window is more critical the wider the panels become. Extra wide panels are available in select shutter materials. For those smaller rooms where space is at a premium, narrower panels are more functional but give the décor a more traditional look.


Deco Frames

The Deco series is for outside mount applications and creates the look of a custom framed window. Suitable for all interior wall surfaces deco frames decorate the window opening while covering up any geometrical imperfections.


Z frames are for inside mount applications creating shutter installations that are aligned with the face of the reveal opening and don’t protrude into the room. There are a range of Z frame styles  which can either create a big shutter presence or a minimalist compact appearance. Also, again if your windows have some geometrical imperfections (i.e. out of square) Z frames are a great installation method to hide the opening flaws.

Standard and Custom Width T-Posts

If your window falls into one of the following categories, our standard and custom size T-Post widths are available:

  • Need to support shutters across wide window expanses
  • Divide large window openings into smaller openings
  • Match panel location to specific window mullion locations
  • To ensure consistent shutter panel widths
  • Other specific design criteria
Other T-Post Options include:
  • Horizontal T-post
  • Bay window T-post
  • Corner T-Post
Norman’s Unique Adjustable T-Posts now standard
  • Norman unique adjustable shutter T-Post makes installing shutters in wider openings a breeze
  • Adjustment takes only seconds with a screwdriver to get that perfect shutter alignment
  • Available for vertical and horizontal T-Posts

Direct Mount Options

Hang Strip

The Norman hang strip provides a minimal look when installed inside the window, with the shutter panels footprint entirely inside the window opening, giving the look of no frame at all.  Note the window has to be very square for such an installation. The hang strip can also be face mounted outside of the reveal.

Direct Mount

Alternatively, our shutters can be ordered with no frame or hang strips at all by mounting the shutter directly within the window opening. However, the window opening needs to be square to give you a perfect installation.

Speciality Shutter Options

Daynite Shutter

Norman’s DayNite shutter combines a single compact corded honeycomb shade installed to a batten behind the shutter frame providing the ultimate dimming effect, energy efficiency and noise dampening for any room in the home.

DayNite™ shutters can significantly calm and darken your room blocking out up to 97% of UV light. Coupled with the shutter, a virtually blackout room darkening effect is created. A perfect solution for shutters in a bedroom, a home theatre, or anywhere light control is critical. Not only does the added insulation in DayNite shutters help to lower your utility bills, it makes your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. We utilise the same quality honeycomb fabric found Norman’s Portrait Honeycomb Collection.